Your medical information to hand,
whenever you need it

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The MediRead bracelet and app can be of immense use in day-to-day situations as well

A handy record of your medications

Ever struggled to provide details of all your medications, allergies and significant conditions to your doctor making a home visit, or when seeing a doctor when travelling ? They can now access this information quickly and easily without you having to troll through prescriptions or hand-written lists.

Reminders to take your medications

We all forget to take our medicines on time, especially if the list is long. You can set reminders on the MediRead app to provide notifications listing all the medicines to be taken at any given time and you can tick each one as you take them. You could even opt for an audible alarm.

Log of medications

If you do opt to have reminders and notifications, a log is maintained of the last time you took each medicine. This can be useful for carers and/or doctors who may want to make sure you are conforming to your medication schedule.

Email the information

If the need arises, you can email all the details of your medications and allergies with the touch of a button to a doctor, family member, pharmacist or carer, thus saving significant time and eliminating errors

BUY NOW £15.95