At present, Apple limits the use of NFC technology in its devices to only making payments and does not allow reading from or writing to other NFC devices. Hence, they do not yet provide the functionality required to work with our MediRead bracelets. Apple has recently announced that they will support the reading of other NFC devices starting with iOS 11, expected to be released in the autumn of 2017. This functionality will be available in iPhone 7/7 Plus onwards.

We will keep you posted on any further updates from Apple on this. Please provide us with your email ID if you wish to be notified of developments on this front.

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However, please note that MediRead bracelets are not linked to specific phones. If a family member, friend or carer possesses an NFC-enabled Android phone, they could download the app and enter your details on the MediRead bracelet on your behalf, thus making the information accessible to paramedics and doctors provided they have downloaded the free app.

Of course, if you wish to avail of the reminders facility in the MediRead app, you would need access to an Android phone yourself.